Shockers AEC Services


We understand and abide by the building standard specifications to offer end-to-end architectural design and engineering services, structural services and sustainability solutions, to our clients. The comprehensive range of professional AEC services at Shockers, ensures improved design and construction quality.


Our team of expert engineers and experienced architects partner with you to test and maximize the commercial viability of your projects & assist you with:


  • Architectural Drafting & Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Concept Design
  • Virtual Design & Construction
  • Shop Drawings
  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Design & Detailing
  • Green Building Design Projects

Equipped with latest and licensed software including AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Max & many more.


AEC Service Offerings


  • Architectural Services
  • Structural Services


We always extend the best quality services, within stipulated time frames with commitment and focus on client satisfaction.


Shockers extends its excellence for all types of AEC projects across:


  • Builders
  • Comprising of Architects
  • Developers
  • General Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Property Owners

Though based in Iraq, we are amongst the reliable companies for AEC services. At Shockers, we have executed several projects with architectural, structural and MEP challenges & offered customized solutions that meet client requirements making us the trusted choice at AEC firms.

Architectural Services

Our architectural expertise coupled with efficient project management capabilities; helps us extend multidisciplinary architectural services, to building & construction industry, aimed at leveraging the quality of a built environment.

Due diligence in studying and understanding diverse client requirements make us the partner of choice for our clients to outsource their architectural projects; may it be fresh building projects or renovation & refurbishing projects.

Architectural Design Service offerings:


  • 2D/3D CAD Drafting, Detailing & Conversion
  • 3D Modeling, Rendering & Animation
  • 3D Floor Plan Design
  • Interior/Exterior Design
  • Furniture/Product Design
  • Landscape Design & many more

Our states of art architectural software are utilized to execute varied architecture projects of Residential Buildings, Palatial Private Properties, Commercial Complexes, Industrial Set-ups & Plants, and Community Buildings including School, Institutes, Colleges & Hospitals.

Apart from working on projects for government organizations, private sector and industrial clients, our architectural solutions are customized according to the project specifications and requirements of other clients from the AEC fraternity:


  • Home Builders
  • Architects
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Developers
  • Building Contractors
  • Designers
  • Real Estate Agents

Our company has strategically set-up operational centers in Iraq to deliver high value services at competitive prices. Our team of architects, 3D modelers, draftsmen and project managers work in sync through effective communication with our clients, equip them with all the relevant details and take client approvals as and when needed. This not only strengthens the trust of clients, but also helps us speed up the project, and deliver faster.

Our architectural design services for building & construction industry are powered by innovation and customized solutions to fulfill your comprehensive requirements. Several Architectural projects are executed by Shockers that has carved a niche as one of the best Architectural Design Service provider. Our Expertise includes II Modern Architectural Design II Concept Development II Interior, Exterior & Landscape Design II Furniture II Retail Space Planning & many more. We strongly believe, that building & construction industry architecture has a major influence on the quality of life of its occupants, may it be residential buildings, commercial complexes, public edifices, government offices or museums. Architectural Design Services Offerings inclue II Bidding & Negotiation Phase Services II Design Phase Services II Planning Services II Construction Services II Construction Documentation.
Architects at Shockers conduct a detailed analysis of client requirements, based on which our projects take off. We rely on a variety of mediums from hand sketches to the use of a variety of architectural design software and tools in order to make the execution process fast and convenient. We help you visualize your project site replete with its surroundings and architecture by creating effective photomontages. We go to great extents to recognize the purpose and use of the architectural spaces we design & give due importance to the cultural and social considerations of the people who will use them. We truly believe in embracing sustainability, hence energy efficiency and green designs remain at the core. We take pride in creating reliable designs that are inspiring, practical and devoted to improving the natural and built environment. The relevant experience and expertise of our team in building designs and architecture reflects in the way we collaborate and work with our clients, engineers and consultants.


We deliver a spectrum of professional & high quality 3D Architectural Services to help our clients visualize their architectural projects even before the first brick is laid. We partner them by creating highly accurate 3D Models, Photorealistic Renderings and Virtual Tours. We can handle your architecture projects from design planning, drafting to 3D modelling phase and also provide you with well rendered animations and walkthroughs. If you have your designs ready in form of blue prints or CAD drawings, we can convert them into well-defined 3D floor plans and 3D models. We create renderings with accurate and realistic material mappings. Our team uses advanced architectural 3D modelling software including AutoCAD, 3D MAX, Revit & alike. Our company has delivered excellent 3D architectural services to large scale infrastructure projects in areas such as housing schemes, commercial and industrial landmark building projects, construction of palatial properties and many more.
3D Architectural Services Offerings include II 3D Modelling & Rendering [] 3D Floor Plan Design II 3D Animation  II 360 Degree Panorama Views II Furniture & Product Modelling & Rendering. Clients can use our 3D modelling & rendering of buildings and animated walkthroughs to effectively market their properties and propose projects to their clients. They can also use the rendered and animated output in their brochures, marketing material, presentations and websites. Shockers delivers varied 3D modelling, rendering and animation services to home builders, developers, architects, and general contractors. Our team will help you identify possible challenges in architectural design and suggest improvement areas in the building design, based on smarter 3D architectural designs and virtual tours. We preserve close working relationships with specialists and expert professionals, and have accrued substantial experience of working on a wide variety of projects.
Clients collaborate with Shockers to outsource their Architectural Drawing and Design, CAD Conversion and 2D/3D CAD Drafting Services. Shockers is among the best companies delivering customized 2D Architectural services. Our architectural drafts always undergo a multilayered quality check to ensure that they are accurate and of the best quality. We create CAD drawings & CAD Detailing that are highly precise, well labeled, easy to analyze and implement. We can convert your blueprints, paper copies and scanned copies of drawings in tiff, PDF, PDF to CAD Conversion or image format and handmade drawings into accurate CAD drafts. The 2D construction plans and drafts created by our experts are replete with all the details ranging from elevations, roofing systems, gutters and downspouts, wall cladding, staircase details, site development plan to kitchen details. We use the most advanced tools like AutoCAD and Micro Station and can deliver CAD drafts in the formats like DWG, DXF, DGN, etc.
Our draftsmen and CAD experts can also help you with construction documentation, by compiling all your project details like the architectural plan, cross section details, interior drawing, electrical panel schedule, electrical service diagram, electrical plan, foundation plan, floor plan etc. using our CAD expertise.2D Architectural Services Offerings include II Construction Documentation II Architectural Drawings II Building elevation drawings II Section Drawings [] Mill-work Drawings II CAD Conversion II Furniture Detailing and Design Specification Sheets II 2D Representations of Interior Planning and Demarcations.
We always render our services complying with the International/regional building codes. Our expert architectural drafting team and project managers maintain transparency throughout the projects and keep clients updated by effectively communicating every aspect of the project. As experts in delivering 2D architectural services, we always provide reliable, consistent and high quality services to our clients. We are result oriented, believe in client satisfaction and always ensure that our clients avail the best value for the money they invest with us.

Structural Services

Shockers extends high value structural services, with a focus on innovation and designs. This approach allows us to develop well engineered building structures that exhibit improved performance.

Our structural engineers and consultants, are skilled in detailed analysis and execution of structural design, rebar detailing, stress resolution and steel detailing projects. We pay detailed attention to structural elements like columns, beams and floors. Such detailed analysis and deft project execution allows us to deliver a risk free environment.

Structural Service offerings:


  • 2D/3D Structural Drafting
  • Rebar Detailing
  • Steel Detailing
  • Structural Analysis & Design
  • Construction Documentation

We provide a full range of innovative and cost efficient structural engineering services for all types of structural projects ‘big or small’, efficiently. We have the latest and up-to date structural design software including AutoCAD, STADD Pro, Revit Structures etc. We continuously update our software library and assess new software as it becomes available.

Shockers is equipped with the best resources and facilities. The company successfully handles structural engineering, design and analysis projects and establishes itself as the ultimate destination to outsource structural services.

We always comply with the project requirements and deliver accurate, time-bound, cost-effective and detailed structural services accordingly. We are aware of the international high quality design standards.

Shockers, synonymous to excellence, is the trusted choice of clients for structural engineering and design services.

We deliver structural engineering & design services that comply with international codes and structure standards. Our niche expertise includes Load Calculation, Foundation Plan Design, Column Design, Roof Structure, Beam and Slab Design, Lintel Design etc. Shockers provides comprehensive Structural Analysis & Design services across the market in the AEC industry. Our focus on innovation and commitment to excellence yields structural designs of the best quality. Structural Design and Analysis Services are extended to II High Rise Structures II Pre-fabricated Building Systems II Residential Buildings II Industrial Structures II Residential Building Structures.
We understand the importance of strength, safety and efficiency in structural steel design & analysis; we ensure that our structural designs are qualitative and are always delivered as per the clients’ expectations.
Our structural engineering specialists utilize sophisticated computer design and analysis software to efficiently identify potential design issues and provide apt design solutions. We have experience in handling projects across diverse aspects of shallow and deep foundation system design, building design, value engineering and Structural Analysis & Design project documentation. Our Structural Analysis & Design Services Offerings include II Structural Design Validation II Retaining Wall Design II Load Calculation II Roof Structure Design II Lintel Design II Foundation Design II Concrete Structure Design II Frame Design II Column Design II Wood Structure Design II Beam & Slab Design.
We work on analysis and design projects for new buildings, resurrection of heritage buildings, existing built ups and retrofits. We can work on all types of structurally demanding projects. With a firm assurance of quality and economy, we have earned the trust of our clients, thus built prolonged business associations with them.
We deliver Structural Detailing Services for all types of buildings and materials. Our ability to extend highly accurate, reliable and economical detailing services has helped us garner clients. Niche expertise lies in delivering II Structural Shop Drawings II Rebar Design Solutions II Placement Drawings II Bar Bending Schedules II Concrete Masonry Detailing II Fabrication Drafting & Drawing II Connection Detail Drafting II Retained Walls Detailing II Foundation Drawings II Built Drawings.
Our technicians and structural engineers always do a thorough requirement analysis and related groundwork, and can handle detailing projects of high complexity with efficiency and ease. Our project portfolio includes structural steel/rebar/concrete detailing services for giant landmark structures and magnificent buildings worldwide. At Shockers, our consultants, engineers, designers and draftsmen proactively collaborate to successfully execute structural detailing projects.We are well versed with all the international building codes and structural detailing standards and work on a wide range of projects for industrial plants and refineries, infrastructural facilities, high-rise and low-rise buildings and many more.
 Structural Steel Detailing Services Offerings Include II Tekla Steel Detailing II Precast Detailing II Anchor Bolt Plan Drawings II StruCAD Detailing II Deck Detailing II Bar Joists Designs Drawings II Metal Detailing II Post-tension Detailing II Steel Members Detailing II Staircase Detailing II Fence Detailing II Stair Handrail Detailing II Roof Truss Joist Drawing.
We have highly proficient professionals who have expertise in structural detailing software like AutoCAD software. Our project managers run the project through our quality control system to guarantee accuracy and identify & rectify inconsistencies. Our company persistently tries to update to new technologies including advanced steel structure design, Tekla Structures, and full BIM implementation which helps us in delivering strong client satisfaction. You can always expect high degree of professionalism from our staff with consistent communication to get accurate and timely results.