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Shockers is your in-depth, one-stop marketing agency providing your business needs from the very first step  in order to make your brand stands out from the crowd. Our specialization in graphic design, print media, digital marketing, community marketing, and market analysis empowers us to provide design, distribution, and marketing services that fit with your company’s vision, mission, and values.

Located in Sulaimani, Iraq, our creative and productive team includes graphic designers, print/ production specialists, marketing professionals, web developers and social media experts collaboratively working to supply our clients’ needs. We assume you love your brand so you are very welcome anytime anywhere to speak with our professionals and experience the difference.

Shockers AEC Services

We understand and abide by the building standard specifications to offer end-to-end architectural design and engineering services, structural services and sustainability solutions, to our clients. The comprehensive range of professional AEC services at Shockers, ensures improved design and construction quality.

Our team of expert engineers and experienced architects partner with you to test and maximize the commercial viability of your projects & assist you with Architectural Drafting & Design, 3D Modeling, Concept Design, Virtual Design & Construction, Shop Drawings, Structural Analysis, Structural Design & Detailing and  Green Building Design Projects that equipped with latest and licensed software including AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Max & many more.



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Design makes your ads impressive while content of your ads lead to sales. If you want to impress your targeted audience and sell your products/ services, choose us.




You deserve a better life. If nobody have ever done that, We are engineers, calculating to transmit your dreams  or whatever is in your mind into reality.




We give real services to our clients that cannot be measured with money. We offer them whatever it requires to grow their brand with integrity based on research.




You can always contact us to know what we can do for you and giving you free advice and direction. You can also visit our office, but please contact us before coming.

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